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Welcome to Ladies and Gentlemen, a progress guild on Alliance/Grim Batol formed by a friendly bunch of people wanting to clear everything Blizzard throws at us while still maintining the fun in the game and having our real lives outside the game. Quality raiding over quantity, always being prepared for everything.
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Halfus Wyrmbreaker 10 man down!

Wrap5701600, Jan 16, 11 5:06 PM.
After a well waited first Cataclysm raid, we came to the first boss in The Bastion of Twilight; Halfus Wyrmbreaker.
We wiped, we changed tactics, we did what we could and we downed him. Due to timelimits of peoples real lifes (damn them) we did not have the manpower to continue this night.


Crazyselma, Jan 1, 11 1:03 PM.
Must say the video we are making are looking good at the moment. Hope to see it finish soon. =)

First to reach lnew Maxlevel

Rainseer, Dec 11, 10 8:30 PM.
It seems that Melgimpson and Jops did pull off the effort to reach LVL 85 first in the guild. Dont know who was actually first but i gotta congratulate them both for the effort. I cant believe Melgimpson tho actually reach lvl 85 in a normal manor, he gotta have some trick up hos slieve to pull that off, how did you do? who did you hire, Pontus?

Now since Melgimpson is maxlevel i cant see how anyone else actually hasnt reach the level yet. I give myself the excuse that i have only had the luxery to spend a total amount of 75 minuts inside cataclysm yet but the weekend grows so near to watch out Azeroth.

Only hours left until the Cata grind marathon begins :)

Jops666, Dec 6, 10 6:11 AM.
Time to stock up on consumables both IRL and ingame :p It`s grinding time!

Free character transfer from Grim Batol

Jops666, Dec 2, 10 12:35 AM.
This is just in time, Grim Batol is getting too crowded and hopefully we get to see alot of people moving to less crowded servers on both horde and alliance. 
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